Martin Šrank – Smasty

Webdesigner, PHP programmer, student.

My Work

These are some of the sites I helped to create in one way or another, whether I did simple HTML/CSS coding, or crafted the whole website. If you're looking for my open-source work, check out my GitHub repositories.


Long‑term partnership in front‑end development and associated microsites.

CMŠ Hlohovec

Drupal website development, complete with graphics design. (Not launched yet)

Spoločenstvo Bétel

Drupal web development and administration, complete with graphics design.

AkSen o.z.

Drupal website development and theme implementation.

Oáza nového života

Christian summer camp microsite and graphics design.

Drupal website development, complete with graphics design.

Z Otrokoviec, SK

WordPress website and design.


Front‑end development.

Investičná technika

Product line microsite.

Aktívna Pena

Product line microsite.

CarBax s.r.o.

Front‑end development.

Gepral s.r.o.

Drupal website and design.


Front‑end development.

Stretnutie Nádej (Preview)

Drupal website and design. (Preview)

Front‑end development.

Taška (Preview)

Drupal website and design.